Saturday, 5 September 2015

What I ate Today....

Many of you have requested a "what I ate today" video on my YouTube channel. You ask and I deliver. I will have it uploaded later today! I am having some processing issues as usual.
I like to have a full breakfast and always start my day off with a glass of water. It gives you energy and is great for your system. I also like a sweet breakfast since I am European and it's just how u grew up. 
For lunch I tend to watch how big my portions are especially when it's something not as healthy. Sometimes you just don't have the time to prepare. 
Dinner is the smallest meal of the day and I usually end it with a shake or something light. 
I have been trying the ThinTea and I have more information in the video below. 
The secret lies in the size of your portions and don't forget, snacking is always allowed! 
Going to finish my work day soon. Talk later babes. Hugs xo, Aleida

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