Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Fall Outfit X Leather

Lately all I see is bloggers who are in love with fall and I have to admit it's my fav season of them all. Finally, it's here! The weather right now is the perfect mix of summer / fall weather. You start your day off all layered up and shedding a few pieces throughout the day as it warms up. 
Here is my first fall outfit and it's probably one of my favs because it's a classic ripped boyfriend jeans with some converse, a hoodie and a leather Moto jacket. What's more In than leather jackets? 
This week seems to have had a slow start. It's been raining and I haven't gotten the chance to get out and shoot some outfits. So I have my fingers crossed to get some things done this week. Oh and I have to get M's passport done. Tomorrow will be my third time back to the passport office in a week. I kept forgetting signatures and then pictures were expired. Exactly the reason why I dislike dealing with this paperwork stuff. But it'll all be worth it so we can take on our first family vacation to Mexico. 
In my next post I am going to share some holiday outfit ideas. Leave me your fav online shops below! xo, A 

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