Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tips for a bigger Pout

Lip injections have been top of mind of most teenage girls and the trend doesn't seem to be letting down. 
Kylie Jenner got them at such a young age and I can't lie saying I didn't wish my pout was a little bigger. 
Tumblr pix are the biggest fad and likely you will see pretty girls with long luscious hair, the perfect winged liner and some juicy lips. While lip injections can cost an arm and a leg, and what normal teenager has the money for that? There are other ways you can make your pout stand out. 
Aside from lip liners and highlighting techniques you can use lip enhancement tools that give a semi permanent pout. 
I got to try the MyLipz lip enhancer in my latest YouTube video and if you want to see my results first hand then be sure to watch the video linked below. 
I may add that I think it takes the right size tool to make your lips stand out and maybe some practice. With some suction you can definitely get a juicy lip going for the perfect selfie.

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